Mobilizing Minds, Pathways to Young Adult Mental Health Partnership Overview

partnership, youth, youth team and research. Mobilizing Minds: Pathways to Young Adult Mental Health is a multi-year, multi-province knowledge mobilization research project which focusses on young adult mental health. It aims to address the gap in knowledge for young adult mental health. Mental health issues, particularly anxiety and depression, are quite common among young adults READ MORE

How to stop your habit changes from getting derailed

Leo Babauta. life experience, personal growth, behaviour, acceptance, wellness, coping and self care. Mental Health & Coping. Manytimes when we try to make a good change in our lives, it gets derailed early on by something out of our control. Let’s say you start a diet, and your daughter makes some great vegan cupcakes and READ MORE

Things that have been said to me about my depression…

Sara D.. stigma, awareness, wellness, coping, relationship, family, friendship, mood disorder and depression. Mental Health & Coping. Things I don’t like that have been said to me about my mental illness1. You just over-exaggerate, you need to move on.3. You’ll never get through this, you’re too weak.4. What’s wrong with you?5. You always seem happy, READ MORE

Blooming Late

Nick Stirling. relationship, friendship, self-esteem, wellness, coping, self care, life experience, personal growth, high school, post-secondary and transition. Mental Health & Coping. I didn’t like elementary school. Or high school. Or even the first four years of my post-secondary education. It wasn’t that I was a bad student (if I was interested in the subject READ MORE

Text therapy

Adrienne. getting help, crisis, suicide, counselling, therapy, treatment, waiting list, wellness, coping and self care. Mental Health & Coping. All too often, we have heard the stories of young people who commit suicide. All too often, these individuals have spent a great deal of time suffering in silence. All too often, the stigma surrounding mental READ MORE

We are all the same inside

Kerri. LGBTQ, comind out, gender identity, pride, homophobia, stigma, awareness, discrimination, prevention, respect and stereotype. Society Today. When people ask me “what do you do for a living?” and I tell them I work in advertising and communications, I sometimes get disapproving looks. I’ll be the first to admit, the advertising industry can be evil, READ MORE