Society must reject stigma against people with mental health issues KUALA LUMPUR: Society must discard its stigma against people with mental health problems because such an attitude only makes it more difficult for these people to come forward for treatment, said an expert. Dr Uma Visvalingam, a consultant psychiatrist at Putrajaya Hospital, said there was prejudice against them because most people had misconceptions about READ MORE

A New Look at Mental Disorders by Robert Gallon, PhD Although I’ve written a long book focused on mental disorders, I don’t really believe in them. At least, I don’t believe that mental disorders are quasi-diseases that cause people’s problems and that doctors can diagnose. Nor are mental disorders discrete biological abnormalities like chemical imbalances that can be cured by READ MORE

Living with mental illness: Meeting a psychiatrist for the first time No more than meeting a therapist for the first time, meeting a psychiatrist can seem overwhelmingly daunting, not least because we’re conditioned to believe a number of things about psychiatry: It’s only for crazy people All they’ll do is prescribe drugs They’re in league with big pharma They’re quacks And on and on it READ MORE