The No. 1 mental health issue Canadian employees take time off work for By Carmen Chai If you’re unhappy with changes to your job, getting to work may feel like an insurmountable task. A new Canadian survey warns that 46 per cent of employees have taken time off work or noticed their colleagues take time away to tend to their mental health following workplace changes, specifically a READ MORE

9 Things People With Mental Illness Want Their Bosses To Know 09/19/2016 Because mental health matters at work, too. Everyone dreads going into work sometimes. But for those with a mental health disorder, that feeling is more than just a run-of-the-mill case of “the Mondays.” Mental illness affects nearly one in five American adults in a given year. It brings about physical and emotional symptoms, READ MORE

Taking care of back-to-school mental health Henry D. Gerson, MD, Special to the Ithaca Journal Changes to schedules and diet, as well as being away from family, can bring a lot of stress to college students A student’s first few weeks on campus include excitement and new opportunities, but it is also a time that brings a lot of stress. READ MORE

WSPD SPEAKER SERIES – CLINT MALARCHUK – FORMER NHL GOALIE In support of World Suicide Prevention Day former NHL goalie, and mental health advocate, Clint Malarchuk will be making stops in three Canadian cities to share the story of his journey to recovery and help break down the stigma around suicide. His goal is to make the mental health conversation an open, common one, READ MORE

Society must reject stigma against people with mental health issues KUALA LUMPUR: Society must discard its stigma against people with mental health problems because such an attitude only makes it more difficult for these people to come forward for treatment, said an expert. Dr Uma Visvalingam, a consultant psychiatrist at Putrajaya Hospital, said there was prejudice against them because most people had misconceptions about READ MORE

‘Siri With Empathy’: The Intelligent App That’s Changing Mental Health Care Tim Chen At some stage in their life, one in four people around the world will be affected by a form of mental health condition; from anxiety to bipolar disorder to depression, disorders manifest in myriad forms. It carries an estimated global economic cost of over USD $2 trillion a year, as well as READ MORE

Have Your Say: What support would you offer a young person dealing with mental illness? Craig and Marc Kielburger founded Free The Children, Me to We and We Day. Find out more at Their biweekly Brain Storm column taps experts and readers for solutions to social issues. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recently came out with a bold recommendation: Primary care physicians must routinely screen patients aged READ MORE