Pulling Your Hair Out Is Actually A Mental Illness. Here’s How I Learned To Stop Doing It

http://www.ndtv.com/ I follow the receptionist through the turquoise and white blowout bar past the counter where women perch sipping Bellinis while their hair is dying and their nails are drying. She seats me at a makeshift station set up in a private back room. This is where they serve women whose religion doesn’t allow men READ MORE

Living with mental illness: Meeting a psychiatrist for the first time

http://www.newstalk.com/ No more than meeting a therapist for the first time, meeting a psychiatrist can seem overwhelmingly daunting, not least because we’re conditioned to believe a number of things about psychiatry: It’s only for crazy people All they’ll do is prescribe drugs They’re in league with big pharma They’re quacks And on and on it READ MORE

Why is finding a therapist so hard? Meet the mental health matchmaker

http://www.theguardian.com/ “You should try therapy!” is a suggestion that I realized, after maybe too long, most people don’t take as a compliment. I think therapy is great: what thoughtful, smart person wouldn’t benefit from taking some time for careful examination of their feelings and how they interact with the world? No thoughtful, smart person, in READ MORE

New Virtual Counselling Agency Supports Canadians Struggling With Anxiety and Depression

http://www.newswire.ca TORONTO, April 11, 2016 /CNW/ – HASU eCounselling Support has launched a virtual counselling agency that removes the traditional barriers to healthcare for people struggling with anxiety, depression and addiction. Through private and secure online video, talk and text counselling, people can easily access and book sessions with experienced professionals when and where they READ MORE