The blame game

Airplane flying in the sky.

On Friday, July 25th a passenger on Sunwing Airlines flight 772 bound for Panama from Pearson Airport in Toronto forced the plane to return to the airport about 45 minutes into the flight because of his unruly behavior. He was visibly upset and saying inappropriate things, such as that he wanted to bomb Canada.

This has happened before, no doubt on various airlines.

What’s bothered me this time is the fact that while his father is speaking to the media he’s pulling the “card”. The mental health and addictions card.
Is that what we’re jumping to now?! The reason for everything. It sure seems like it. I’m not saying this man didn’t have his share of mental health issues but it just seems the first reason everyone uses today.

His father goes on to say that his son has been suffering from depression, anorexia, bulimia and a gambling addiction since age 16. Definitely possible. Absolutely.

He continues to blame the police, the hospital, doctors and the entire health care system. Here’s the deal, the police aren’t trained to deal with mental health and addictions issues. They’ll be able to help if someone is a danger to themselves or someone else but that’s it. And doctors and hospitals aren’t great, but you have to advocate for yourself, your friends and family members. There are waiting lists because there’s not enough practitioners. I get it. It sucks.

But overall, it just seems like this is a band-aid excuse. These incidences are always very complex with many factors contributing to their cause. Time will really tell what the issue is. I could be wrong. That’s okay. It just seems odd to me. We need to stop saying, oh no sorry- my mental health isn’t great so that’s why it happened. Enough. No more. Let’s get back to it and continue on shall we?

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