Youtubers: What are they good for? Lots.

Youtubers. Celebrities online.  Self promoters and brand ambassadors. Content creators and story tellers. 
Youtubers abound and for many of you, these are people that you check in with on a daily basis.  
Why? Entertainment or inspiration or both? 
In 2011, twin brothers Jack and Finn Harries began documenting their ‘gap year’, capturing their travel adventures and daily shenanigans.  In three years they have managed to rack up close to 4 million subscribers.  They have a loyal following that has seen them evolve from two youth finding their way, making the transition into young adulthood to bonafide storytellers who will inspire you to look at the world a little differently, to see your potential as knowledge creators and as change makers. 
Check out one of Jack’s latest instalments…
”no one gets anywhere without the good will of others”.
Who inspires you on Youtube?

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