Who We Are

The Purpose Le Raison d’être

The National Network for Mental Health (NNMH) acts to advocate, to educate, and to offer expertise and resources to increase the health and well being of the community of Canadians with the lived experience of mental health issues. The NNMH will provide a framework of communications to serve as inclusive and collective voices across Canada, to dispel the stigma and myth of mental illness through, education, health promotion!

Who We Are

The National Network for Mental Health is a non-profit charitable organization that has a “grassroots” history and approach. The NNMH is unique in that it is the only non-diagnostic mental health consumer/survivor organization that is national in scope and service in Canada.

As an organization, we are 100% consumer/survivor driven. This means that all of our board members, voting members, and most of our staff, are self declared mental health consumer/survivors or people with the lived experience of mental health.

We believe networking and capacity building to be based on the principles of inclusion and informed choice and we respect each person’s individuality as we work together to find “common ground”. The NNMH is committed to fostering, networks, developing partnerships, supporting inclusive collaboration, and maintaining mutually respectful alliances.

NNMH Mandate

The NNMH is committed to promoting hope and recovery for everyone. By working closely with our membership, and by forging partnerships and alliances, we promote social justice, human rights, help to capture and amplify a strong, unified voice of people with lived experience in influencing decisions which affect them and that enhance their quality of life.

Our Vision

We live in a nation that nurtures the mental health and well being of all its citizens, where diversity is celebrated, and where those who experience mental health challenges live free from stigma and discrimination, and are respected, and supported in their personal journey to be fully included, productive and valued members of society.