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Sustaining a culture of giving through Canada’s Volunteer Awards

Over the past 150 years Canadian communities have flourished with the help of volunteers.

In fact, Canada is known for its generosity. In 2015, we ranked sixth in the World Giving Index which provides insight into the scope and nature of giving around the world.

Many people and organizations have an important role in sustaining the well-being of communities. They share a common goal with many us: to make a difference.

Recognising such efforts is why the Canada’s Volunteer Awards are so important.

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AGM Meeting



December 7



This will be a teleconference

Please renew your membership. Send your information to [email protected]

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Disability Visibility Project™ Twitter Chat

Assisted Suicide, Bioethics, and Disabled Lives

Guest Host: Ing Wong-Ward, Co-Collaborator, Project Value

Monday, September 12, 2016

4 pm Eastern (U.S.)

The Disability Visibility Project is proud to partner with the Co-Collaborators of Project Value in a discussion about assisted suicide, ableism, bioethics, and disabled lives. Ing Wong-Ward, a Co-Collaborator of Project Value, will be the guest host in addition to other Co-Collaborators participating during the Twitter chat.

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Three years in the making, I would like to share with you some webpages detailing my career in mental health and my collaboration with Neree-St-Amand. Although not entirely complete – it is sufficient to share.

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We are pleased to inform you that an application package is now available at the following address for eligible youth interested in participating in a one-day Forum taking place in November 2016. The Forum is part of The Government of Canada’s consultation process on planned accessibility legislation and youth between the ages of 15-30 with a disability or with life experience, work experience or academic experience related to disability and accessibility are invited to apply.
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CMHA Mental Health For All Conference – Special Pricing for PWLE

CMHA is sending you a special invitation to participate in the Mental Health For All Conference, September 29 & 30 in Toronto.

Do you experience mental health issues? Are you an ally of people with lived experience? Please read on…

People with Lived Experience of mental health issues. We might call ourselves consumers of mental health services. Or service users. Or peers. Or survivors. We might call ourselves PWLE. But whatever we call ourselves, we are coming together like never before. We are having a transformative effect on the delivery of our own services and resources. As the disability movement has long declared: “nothing about us without us”.

Too often we are excluded. Sometimes that’s because we have financial barriers that prevent us from fully participating in events and conferences that have significant fees.
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Canada Post Review

The federal government has appointed an independent task force to identify options for the future of our postal service. It says that everything but postal privatization is on the table.

CUPW welcomes the review and the chance for postal workers and the public to have a say in the future of the post office. It’s time to end the cuts and start getting creative about our possibilities.

The public and various organizations will be able to take part in public consultations by way of mail, email, and social media. The government anticipates completing the whole process by the end of 2016.
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Mentally Ill Deserve Fair Access To Disability Tax Credit

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) “has abdicated its mandate for fairness by denying the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) to eligible Canadians with disabilities” and particularly those with psychiatric disabilities according to advocate Lembi Buchanan of Victoria. “It has become virtually impossible for the majority of people living with severe psychiatric illnesses to access the DTC without appealing to the Tax Court of Canada,” she said.
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Consulting with Canadians – Employment Insurance Service Quality Review

Millions of Canadians rely on the Government of Canada to provide them with easy access to the services and benefits to which they are entitled. They expect quality and fast service from their government—whether the service is provided online, over the phone or in person. According to Service Canada data, too many Canadians are not receiving the level of service they expect.

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MANITOBA APRIL 6, 2016 –Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has – Margaret Mead. Twenty-five years ago, a small group of people labelled with an intellectual disability began proving that quote to be true. That group was the beginning of a legacy that would become People First of Canada (PFC). Today, People First of Canada is the national voice of people who have been labelled with an intellectual disability.

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The National Network for Mental Health (NNMH) acts to advocate, to educate, and to offer expertise and resources to increase the health and well being of the community of Canadians with the lived experience of mental health issues. The NNMH will provide a framework of communications to serve as inclusive and collective voices across Canada, to dispel the stigma and myth of mental illness through, education, health promotion!



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